Statele Answer Today + Bonus Round Answers (June 2024)

Statele is a popular geography-based Wordle game like Worldle, but instead of countries, we should guess the US State. Everyday we solve it and post here the answer to the Statele Word Game including today’s answer.

Before revealing the correct answer, here are some hints to help you on solving today’s Statele game:

  • State name starts with ‘N’
  • State length: 8 characters

Statele Answer for Today, Wednesday, June 12 2024, is:


Stuck in the Bonus Round? Below are listed answers to the Statele Bonus Rounds:

  • New York Border States: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Jersey
  • New York Capital City: Albany
  • New York Longest Border State: Pennsylvania
  • New York Population: 18+ million

Yesterday’s Statele Answer was: Michigan

Every time you need the correct answer for the daily Statele Game, visit our website, specifically this page. We update it each day with the correct Statele solutions, hints and bonus rounds answers.





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